Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Renee!

My dear friend Renee is such an amazing blessing to our entire family. She just moved to Seattle in February and we hit it off like long lost friends. She became like family to us and even took care of the girls for a whole weekend so Ethan and I could go look for a house in CA. For her birthday we did several things that we had been wanting to do since we met and it became a push to make it happen before the move.



Here is Renee on the sound just in front of Discovery Point. It was a GORGEOUS evening; calm, tons of sailboats and a blue, clear sky evening.




The start of my favorite time of the day, just as the sun starts to set and the shadows turn purple and the sun becomes a deep golden yellow… so I took this picture of Renee on the left and noticed we had a little friend. Look at the picture on the right, and you can see a seal in the background. He got very, very close to us and followed us, literally from the lighthouse, almost back towards the beach, so about 300 yards or so. “Charlie” as we named him, would just pop up, go under for a little bit then poke his head back up like he was just checking on us! Then ahead of us we saw a huge break in the water and heard a deep, slow “puffff”. I honestly thought it was an orca whale, but it was a huge sea lion that was doing the breast stroke and just passed us by! It was a night to remember and felt totally blessed to experience it.


Coming back in at sunset.

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