Monday, October 24, 2011

First trip to Tahoe

When we moved here, I heard that Tahoe was close. But looking around the town where we live, you wouldn’t think anything outdoorsey was within hours. I was having a hard time adjusting, feeling like we were well outside of regular trips to the mountains. Then we took our first trip to Tahoe.

We took the girls and Tuk and drove up to the lake and just explored. We found a hidden beach that allowed dogs. Tuk and the girls played in the water, and ended up joining Ethan for a swim too. Tuk was so excited that he bumbed HG as she was playing and she fell over and got completely soaked. So we did what any other classy family would do. Stripped her down to her underwear and dried her clothes on the rocks.


hiking down to the lake and our first glimpse.


I have never seen a lake so clear and so blue!


Tuk is totally in his element outdoors. He runs freely, is so happy and even super obedient!


And then we drove through Squaw Valley which hosted the Olympics back in the 70s I think.

It was a great day for all of us and super rejuvenating to our spirits to get out and about!


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