Sunday, October 16, 2011

Good bye!

Our sweet friends, Courtney and Wayland and Renee, threw a going away party for us. It was a great chance to see some friends before we left at the end of the week. In fact, most of my soccer team that I played on (Wayland was the one who invited me to play on his team) came which was super sweet, and a few of our dear friends we initially met through Peak 7. Here are some pictures from the night…



Our friends Kate and Craig were like a local aunt and uncle for us. Our girls absolutely adored them and their wonderful playful spirits. They introduce Hannah Gray to the beloved “tickle bug” and I will always remember the chases around our house. Kate and Craig are just truly genuine people that have so much kindness and wisdom. Kate even came over one night and helped pack boxes until early, early in the morning. They are missed!



Renee actually took time off of work to help us on our moving weekend. We moved out of our home in Shoreline with lots of tears and drove half way to Roseville on Friday, August 12th. It was so strange and sad to walk through our empty home. One that we moved into as a gross, beat up house and remodeled into a home that so comfortable and ours. One that became home with lots and lots of friends that came in and out. I walked through the house that with vivid memories of different memories that occurred throughout the house. From looking at the step that bit Hannah Gray’s chin and sent us to the ER for the first time and the long hall ways with the loop in the house that was hours of chase and our dining room where we had countless hours with friends. Our window in the dining room that held birthday banners for all of us. Taking down the pins that held that banner was surprising hard. I put those there with the distinct thought of thinking that those would hold years of birthday signs as our girls grew.

To leave a house that empty that seemed so full was hard. We said good bye that day to Won and her family, Shelly and her kids and waved good bye to our sweet neighbors and my friend Kendall who came to see us off.

The drive through Northern CA was beautiful. We went right through Mt. Shasta National Forest and enjoyed the vies of all the lakes and mountains. I was so thankful for Renee as a huge help with the girls, but more importantly, just as a dear friend to visit with!

We pulled into Roseville on Saturday afternoon and got straight to work.  Renee took the girls those first few hours to give Ethan and I a chance to get the movers unpacked and out. Actually, funny story. It was so hot when we arrived that we were all sweating buckets not being used to the heat. Renee took HG up to the park that had a water feature and I put Tenley in our big garden tub. No sooner did the splashing begin, that literally out of no where, was tons of, uh, well… poop. Tenley literally filled the tub and nothing was unpacked yet to begin to clean her or the tub out. I called for Ethan and he ran in and we both just laughed. Then I left him to do the man’s dirty work (hey, he offered Smile) and went to clean Tenley off outside. Ah, new adventures!


This is Hannah Gray with her “Pinklicious” bunny that Shelly and her family gave to her. They built it with two hearts in it and wanted to make sure that she had something to hug when she misses her friends…


Us with our other family member Renee before I took her back to the airport after the move. We had two guys that Ethan hired to help unload the moving truck. One of them asked about Renee, “so you are telling me she drove with you all the way from Seattle just to help you move and help with your kids?”. Yep. “Wow, I have lived her forever and I don’t think I have any friends that would help me like that”. I know, she is one amazing friend!

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