Thursday, September 23, 2010

5 months, seriously?!

IMG_0660 IMG_0663 (with Hannah Gray as she loves to be in these pictures with t and then with the sheep to see how much bigger she is)


Hannah Gray celebrating in Tenley’s accomplishment! WhaHoo!!!

Well, Tenley hit five months a couple days ago and rolled over this morning for the first time (back to belly) while I was getting the camera to do her five month pic. She’s growing fast! I started to feel like a bad mom that she hadn’t done this feat yet feeling like it was probably b/c she spent so much time not playing on her tummy or back b/c I was packing, driving across the country or unpacking and remodeling, but I figured she would. Eventually. And she did! WhaHoo!! That’s how we celebrate around here. We leap and dance and yell Whahoo!! So Hannah Gray and I jumped, danced and yelled whahoo with our hands in the air to celebrate Tenley’s accomplishment today. That’s what family is for right? To multiply the  joys and split the load of not so good times. So we celebrated.

Hannah Gray also woke up from nap two days ago, took off her diaper, found her big girl undies (which she hasn’t worn yet as they are being reserved for potty training to help build the excitement) and put them on all by herself. So instead of going to the park, we hung around her a bit and allowed her a chance to wear her undies and use the potty a bit. We’re going to go all out and give it a whirl (no pun intended) in a couple weeks.

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