Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whirlwind Month!

So I logged into my account to create a new post and realized that it's been almost one month exactly since I posted last! That's because it was Tenley's 5 month picture and today is the day to take her 6 month picture! What a fun, crazy, whirlwind month!

After Marty and Quinn came for a visit, Ethan's parent (Nana and Papa) arrived to spend a week with us. The day after they arrived, we drove north, caught a ferry to Canada's Vancouver Island and drove up north on the island to one of our favorite destinations in this world (so far at least), Tofino. We spent 3 1/2 days up there exploring, playing on the beach, surfing and walking. It was a great trip and crazy for Ethan and I to think that just three years before, we were there celebrating my birthday, our anniversary and had just found out we were expecting Hannah Gray. We were back on our fifth year anniversary, with two kids!

The first night out on the beach, Hannah Gray was playing with the bubbles that would roll in with the surf. When the water retreats back to the ocean, there's that bit of suction in the sand that occurs and Hannah Gray felt that for the first time. It threw her off balance and she fell into a few inches of water that was VERY cold. Great way to start off being at the beach! She was terrified to go into the water or for any of us to go into the water for the rest of our time there. Actually, I did get to show her some starfish and she started to unwind a bit.

Ethan, Gary and I went out for a surfing lesson which was awesome. Afterwards, I began to immediately wonder how close we are in Seattle to some good surfing beaches and how much I could get a cheap one for off of Craigslist. We were in some seriously thick wet suits with hoods which were amazing. Although I did think I was going to need a wig or rogaine with the amount of hair that was ripped out by dry neoprene.

Ethan COMPLETELY surprised me with a surprise message. 3 years before, he had scheduled me for a pregnancy message at the most amazing place. You start outdoors in a very secluded patio type of area with Adorandak chairs, thick blankets and robes and a tub of hot water for your feet and cup of hot tea. You can sit and listen to the ocean crashing and read magazines (which I did not realize three years ago would become such a treat) or just sit and be. So fun to do it again and feel so pampered!

After Tofino, we headed back home to show Nana and Papa a bit of Seattle. We had fantastic weather the entire time in Tofino (sunny and clear which is very uncommon this time of year) and it was cooperative in Seattle as well. We were so thankful for that.

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