Wednesday, September 15, 2010

“Sticky Fingers”

Yesterday I took the girls to the grocery store with me, but I did not use a cart. So on one hand I had Tenley in her carseat and I was holding Hannah Gray’s hand with the other hand. We were just going in and out for one item and she likes to feel like a big girl walking with me instead of riding in the cart. The store was about empty (great time to go is about 9 am I’ve discovered) and she was having a great time. I stopped to look for a specific kind of oatmeal and Hannah Gray got really excited about all the fruit snacks and cereals on the nearby shelves (she saw Nemo “Melmo” on the box and she was all over it). I think she touched every single box of cereal, fruit snacks and coupon pull tabs in that entire aisle. Many times she’d bring a box of whatever had her attention over to me. And I was not in that aisle for 20 minutes, it was more like 20 seconds. “Why didn’t I use a cart?” I kept asking myself. Oh well. But during this process of asking her not to touch everything I said, “Hannah Gray kiddo, you’ve got some sticky fingers this morning.” At which point she stopped, bent her elbows to take a look at her palms and wiggled and stretched her fingers to see if they were indeed sticky. All I could do is laugh as I looked at this sweet, pigtailed little girl looking at her chubby hands wondering why her fingers were sticky. Aww, I love that innocence!!

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