Thursday, September 23, 2010

Marty and Quinn visit!

Marty, my dear friend since high school and her daughter, Quinn came to visit us over the weekend. Quinn is just a few months older than Hannah Gray so they had a great time playing together. We visited the beach a couple times and took a ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island (after almost missing the ferry on the way over and then missing one on the way home. oh well, it was fun) and then hit the Seattle Aquarium afterwards. It was great to have them here and just to have some good time with a great friend.


Miss Quinn near Pike’s Place


Playing at the beach near our house


It was SO windy that the kite surfers were out in full force





Marty and Quinn on the ferry


The girls on the ferry ride


enjoying a treat!

IMG_0637 IMG_0646

loving on the otter at the aquarium


miss tenley at the aquarium


all of us back at the beach before Marty and Quinn flew home.

We had such a great visit with them and are so thankful for them!

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Ron said...

Joni: Thanks for these. We have so many pics of Quinn, and very few with Marty in them (she's usually the photog).