Monday, July 5, 2010

Our growing girls

Hannah Gray noticed my hair in a ponytail after a work out and pointed to it and asked me to give her one as well. Her hair was actually getting long, so I figured it'd be worth a shot. She held really still (shocking) while I did it and immediately had this huge, somewhat bashful grin on her face. Ethan was downstairs as was Tenley. She ran up to Ethan pointing to her hair and giving a sheepish grin that turned to pure inner joy as Ethan said how beautiful she looked. Actually, she ran up to Tenley in her swing first and squatted in front of her talking in jibberish obviously explaining her hairdo. Tenley seemed to be impressed and she then went to Ethan.

Tenley is getting some big 'ol cheeks and I thought this was just a cute picture to post of her. She loved sitting in the couch with me while I packed and watched the World Cup games. We sold the couch that Tenley is sitting on and it was kind of weird to watch it go. Hannah Gray was obviously confused as too as she watched the guys load it into a truck. She kept lifting her hands up as to say, "uh oh" and then would point to the truck across the street wondering where it was going. Almost as if they were stealing it and I didn't notice the gaping open space in our living room. But so many memories there. We actually have a picture of Hannah Gray in our house in Cincinnati sitting on the couch in the same way. Tanner used to try to sneak up onto the couch too as though we wouldn't notice the 70 lb ball of fur on our laps or sitting between us. So many fun memories.

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