Sunday, July 11, 2010

Leg #4, Chicago to MN

We left Chicago on Friday afternoon and continued north to MN to visit Ben, Jaime and their Golden, Bear. We had a great time visiting with them and watching Hannah Gray play with her aunt, uncle, and Bear, introducing Tenley to them and just having a great time catching up. I was curious what Hannah Gray would do around another dog since we haven't had Tanner for a little over a month now. And nothing has changed. She still LOVES dogs and isn't intimidated one bit!!

Uncle Ben and Daddy played ring toss using Hannah Gray as the catching point which she thought was hilarious. Aunt Jaime french braided HG's hair (and tried to teach me too) and made her feel so pretty. She did pretty well sitting still, for a 2 year old. Hannah Gray learned to shoot a squirt gun which she promptly turned on her sister (she picture). Tenley let out a squeek (she was sleeping) and then batted her eyes and scrunched her forehead as he got it square in the face. She's such a good sport. :)

We also went to the park where Bear was enticed to go down the tube slide, much to Hannah Gray's delight. She even got to walk Bear a little bit too. All that to say, we had a great time with our MN Petro's!! :) Thanks for having us guys!

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