Monday, July 5, 2010

Leg #1 NJ to Cincinnati

We arrived in Cincinnati on Thursday morning, early. Like 4 AM early. We had a ton of fun with my family and the kids played until they were more than exhausted. We had a little open house at my parents' house so we could see our friends while we were in town. The house was loaded with little kids and Hannah Gray had a ball. It was so fun to watch but somewhat sad at the same time. Knowing that if we were in Cincinnati still, this would be a regular occurrence for her. The next day, my sister's family arrived and we had a fun evening of cousin fun. We celebrated Hannah Gray's birthday as a family with cupcakes, singing and gifts. Then the night culminated in an all out family game of keep away, boys vs girls. It was so much fun and we played until it was too dark to see any more as we all took a ball to the face a few many times. We ended when it was too hard to keep the sensor light over the backyard on and we left with plenty of laughs and bug bites.

The next day we started the morning blueberry picking and then cooled off spending the afternoon at the pool. All the kiddos were SO worn out after such a fun day. Uncle Keith treated the kids to apple cider pops and Mimi and all the kids had ice cream sandwiches at the pool.

(I know i am missing pictures of many family members meeting Tenley as I was chasing Hannah Gray and couldn't get the pictures. So you guys know who you are and if you have those pics, if you could please email me those, I would SO appreciate it for the scrapbook!! :) )

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marisa0716 said...

Keep away was so much fun! I'm so glad I was able to see you guys! Take care, hope to see you all again soon :)