Monday, July 5, 2010

New Plates!

How is it that we have been out of Ohio for a year and a half and somehow we managed to not get Maryland or NJ plates, yet have our Washington plates before we've even moved??! Ethan's birthday was June 16th and his tags expired. NJ has some crazy regulations for vehicle inspections that we figured it was easier to get new plates for WA than to go through the entire NJ inspection for plates that would be outdated in less than 2 weeks. So it ended up working out really well that WA allowed us to do our plates via mail. Have to say we were a bit excited to get our new plates.

The other picture is of the moving truck, I think after I hit the telephone pole. Oops. Kinda crazy to watch all of your belongings moved into a truck and to not see it for over two weeks. Hopefully that process goes smoothly. We ended up getting a much later start than planned as the movers were about 4 hrs late getting to our house. Ethan was out with the movers until very late Tuesday night/Wed AM while I had the girls and put them to bed at the hotel. The movers actually had to finish the job Wed morning/afternoon so we didn't get out of Westfield until 4 PM. So we did not roll into Cincinnati until just after 4 AM. The girls did well on leg #1 of the trip. SO far so good!

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