Sunday, July 11, 2010

Leg #3, Findlay to Chicago

We left Findlay on Wed am for Chicago to visit Gary, Katie, Grant, Norah and Audrey. While we were there, they took us to their community pool where Hannah Gray had an absolute blast swimming with her cousins. She even ventured down the water slide which had significant water at the bottom. Normally she loves the water but doesn't like to be splashed in the face. So we were pleasantly surprised when she discovered she also loved the splash park. Big cousin Norah gave HG the hair dryer that she was carrying around all weekend. She has done her hair numerous times in the car. She's becoming quite the little girl, playing with bracelets as well. :) Uncle Gary, Aunt Katie and the kids gave HG a little mp3 player for the road trip as well. It's been a huge hit!

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