Monday, July 20, 2009

A stroll around town and plantains

Hannah Gray, Tanner and I went out around town last week and when we made it back, she was passed out! She was so tired and hot. I thought these pictures were too cute to not put up.

Later that day, I decided to try a new recipe and I needed to run to the store for some plantains. Hannah Gray loves to carry stuff for us, so I gave her the fruit to hold onto. She carried them in the most awkward, arm twisting way through the entire store and out to the car. She was so excited by them (I think she thought the were just regular bananas) that I let her hold onto them on the way home. I tried this once before with bananas and caught her gnawing through the peel!!! So gross. But I figured that the plantains with a much thicker and tougher skin would be safe and she's stopped putting everything in her mouth since then. I was so wrong. We got home and she practically had the tip of the one plantain gone! So I put her on the couch and took a picture of her with he beloved plantains.

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