Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lake fun!

On Saturday we were invited to join some people at church for their small group's summer outing. The lake was about an hour away from our house and it was awesome. All the houses were right on the water so they all had their own little docks. The home was built back in the '50s by family and has stayed in the family since. They had an awesome Ski Natique (my favorite!) with tons of tubs, a sailboat and kayaks. We had a great time meeting people and we really enjoyed everyone. We look forward to getting to know these couples more. There are 4 other couples with kids, so that was really fun as well.

Hannah Gray loved the boat, but not the life vest so much. She was SO tired and just fought it ALL day long b/c she was having so much fun! She finally conked out on the boat while I was skiing and she was SO hard to wake up! She slept til almost 8 the next morning!! Here are some pictures from the day.


Abby said...

looks like you guys had a great time! You gotta get Hannah hooked on skiing at a young age:)

Joni said...

oh she will be ;)