Sunday, July 19, 2009

Getting Settled

Well, we're getting more settled into our new home in NJ. We joined Lifetime Fitness which has an outdoor pool and have been able to spend some time there last week now that we're just about finished with the unpacking and organizing at the house. Hannah Gray LOVES the pool. She has no fear whatsoever and loves to crawl around in the zero entry part of the pool. Actually, I take that back. Her favorite is to go in the deeper water, where she can't touch. In fact, she takes off crawling as fast as she can and will try to stand (at least I think that's what she's doing) by doing that downward dog type of pose and ends up sticking her head way deep into the water. So then that kind of scares her. When she takes off towards the deep end it's so hard to tell how close her face is to the water and it freaks me out! Other moms look at me as I'm running around, diving to snatch her, trying to get her to stay in the more shallow water and give me that smile that says, "she's quick" or "wow, that was close" and many will add, "she has no fear" as their children just sit in water a couple inches deep and play in one spot while the moms sit on the side of the pool talking. I wonder where she gets that from? :)

It's a fun way to spend some time away from the house and hoping to meet some other kids and moms as well. I have learned to take a cool toy. You end up meeting every kid in the pool.

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