Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome Tuk!

If you guys have been reading since the summer, you would have seen that we have been praying for “anuder big doggie” as HG would say for months. We prayed, we researched, we saved, and prayed some more. Then over Christmas break we got in touch with a wonderful breeder of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers that had a litter born in September and wanted them placed as soon as possible in good homes. What a tremendous blessing in timing, price, temperament, in every way that we had asked. So the weekend after we got back from Ohio, we drove to southern Washington to pick up our new addition, Tuk, a deadgrass brown Chesapeake Retriever. This picture says it all…


This was immediately after we got home and Tuk had been SO carsick and just nervous that he had tummy issues both ways… so he was a nasty mess and we were waiting for Daddy to come back from the store with some doggie shampoo. Hannah Gray was SO excited!


At the farm


After his bath…

IMG_5627 Still lovin’ on Tuk

And you may be asking, what happened to “Scout”. Well, I have always wanted a dog named Scout and thought it was SO creative… then we moved out west and then we decided to get a Chessie instead of a lab. I had never met a Scout before moving out here and never met a lab named Scout. Well, combine being out west with Chessies (which are rare out here) and you find a lot of Scouts! So we tried to come up with something different and that’s what we came up with! But if you ask Hannah Gray about her “baby doggie”, she may tell you his name is “tout” our Tuk…. :)

We are blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Awe Tuk is very cute! Good luck with him.