Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas in the O-H part 2

New Year’s Day morning, we headed up north to Findlay to see the Petro side of the family. Annie, Gary, Katie and the kids joined us that day and we had a fun trip to ride the local train. The kids had a great time despite how cold it was! There’s something about kids and trains! :) A couple days later, Ben, Jaime and Bear joined us too. We had our big family Christmas exchange, white elephant for the adults, a family photo and lots of fun times together. We played games, had great food and treats and just had a really relaxing time together.


Train ride with Norah and Nana


making Nana and Papa’s present

IMG_2275 IMG_2287 IMG_2280 IMG_2290





Trying on the robe Nana made (which she now sleeps in too)

IMG_2374 IMG_2342 

Tenley doing the beached seal wiggle on the floor


eating Uncle Ben’s bday boston creme pie cupcakes. they were messy, so she did no hands!


Aunt Jaime did the “bump it” in HG’s hair! :)

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