Monday, January 31, 2011

“hole wide wold in Him hands”

These as the lyrics that is Hannah Gray’s favorite new song. This morning as she was finishing breakfast, I handed her her vitamins which she immediately ate. She noticed some of Tenley’s and came into the kitchen to show me what I thought was Tenley’s vitamin that I asked her not to touch (she has been “feeding” Tenley things that are not hers lately). She had her hands cupped and I totally thought she was holding the vitamin like she knew she wasn’t supposed to. I squatted down after beginning to scold her with the “Hannah Gray, mommy told you…” and I realized she was signing to her mp3 player, “He has the whole world in His hands” and she was doing the hand motion of holding the world in her hands that I had shown her a couple days before. I felt like a jerk, quickly apologized and joined in. Then tonight at bed, I think we all sang about 10 choruses of it much to her delight.

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