Wednesday, December 1, 2010

potty training

Today is the Friday after Thanksgiving, so it gives us a long weekend. So we decided to use these three days to stay at home to try the 3 Day Potty Training method. And I am surprised, because I have mixed feelings about this. My routine, my idea of what it looks like to get out of the door in the mornings or to take off and run to the store or the idea of being in the car (or stuck in traffic for that matter) has to be adjusted. Am I selfish or paranoid? To be honest, I’m a bit worried about being in the produce department with Tenley sleeping and hearing from my eldest, “Mommy, I have to go potty”…

So we are on Day 6 and yes, I’m just getting around to finishing this post if that’s any indication of how this has gone. Hannah Gray is actually doing really well. We started on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and we had accidents all day. But that was to be expected. Naptime was a nightmare trying to get her to stay in her room without using the excuse of “I have to go potty” every .2 seconds. And she was on a sugar high from so many post-potty treats. But that night she stayed dry! And the last daytime accident we had was Saturday afternoon. We’re still working on the nighttime wetting, but we’ll get there. We are so proud of our big girl! She likes to say, “Mommy, daddy, where’d my diapers go?”. Then we say, “we threw them away because…” “I a BIG GIRL!!!!”. She’s so proud of herself and she should be. Bye to binky and diapers in a week!

Oh, we did incur one little issue. Constipation.


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