Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wow, what a week!

Hannah Gray successfully said good bye to her binky, learned to use a potty and had her first trip to the ER. We have been staying at home to work on the potty training. This morning ended up being a beautiful day, so I asked HG if she wanted to go outside to ride her scooter. So we started up the stairs to go get changed (she’s been in a tshirt and just underwear all week) when her little foot slipped off the first or second stair and she cracked her chin on top of the step. The sound was horrible and I expected to see a mouthful of blood, missing some teeth. I didn’t see blood and called for Ethan upstairs because I knew it was bad, somewhere. Ethan came down and we found the cut on her chin.

Hannah Gray was screaming, so Tenley had her sympathy cry going on. It was one loud house. We took her to the ER where we waited for about 20 minutes then another 30 or so back in the room. We tried to mj 8kuiprepare her as much as possible for what was going to happen. After the first nurse left, you could see that she was just scared. She wouldn’t get off of Ethan’s lap and her little lower lip just quivered as she tried so hard to not be. When the doctor came in, she saw that it was open pretty wide and needed stitches instead of the glue. They wrapped her up in a sheet like a burrito and she let Ethan cradle her head to lift her chin upwards. She did not move a muscle during the entire thing, and got up with 2 stitches. I guess it’s really not that bad, but when it’s your own kid, it’s different! I have had myself a bloody mess and been fine, but it all changes with your little ones.

Here are some pictures from our adventure today…


(ps, you know you’re in Seattle when there are Clif and Luna bars in a hospital vending machine)

PC010314 waiting with her lollipop

PC010319 Getting numbed

PC010320 waiting for the numbing effect to kick in





and her being brave reward!

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hawleykj said...

that "why?!" jutt about breaks your heart! poor girl!