Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Potty Training Part 2

Well, we are to the point where I don’t even think to ask Hannah Gray if she has to use the potty 0r if her pants are dry! That’s gotta be a huge step, right? But I think the thing I realized the most is that it has really done a lot in our communication with each other. Nothing like being attached at the hip for a week to make you feel super connected to your daughter. But seriously, it’s as though we just both respect each other more and just kind of “get” each other more. We have really enjoyed a laid back, peaceful and restful week of not having anything going on (or not being able to have anything going on). We’ve had quiet mornings and Tenley had great sound morning naps that gave Hannah Gray and I some time together. It was cold and snowy a few of those days, so one morning we did our “window shopping” via a catalog with hot chocolate. Hannah Gray had hers in a regular mug and felt pretty special about that. We sat at her little table as we flipped through some toy magazines and she would show me what caught her eye as well as plenty of, “momma, what dat?”. I look forward to many more coffee dates with my big girl. IMG_1838IMG_1840

She has a huge chocolate mouth that’s kind of hard to see in the picture.

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