Wednesday, November 24, 2010

7 months old and her first snow!

Seattle actually got “hammered” with snow starting on Monday night. I used the word “hammered” because it’s completely relative. We actually only got probably 3 inches of snow, but Seattle is surprisingly super hilly. So not only did we have drivers on the road that have NO idea how to drive in the snow, then you throw in a mix of San Fran type of hills and it was a disaster. I actually tried to leave the house and couldn’t make it up the hills that surround us. So we turned around and came home and didn’t really leave until this morning (Wed). It ended up getting really icy as well, so schools have been closed and it’s felt like a snow day!

Hannah Gray and I played outside on her toboggan and then drank hot chocolate to warm up. She loved her “hot chac”. A little later in the day, we ventured out with Tenley for her first experience in the snow as well. Hannah Gray was reluctant to taste the snow as I was trying to encourage her to do it, then she warmed up to the idea and was running around literally licking the snow off of everything!

AND, Tenley hit the big 7 months old this week! So hard to believe it’s been 7 months already!!! It sure goes quickly with kids, but especially after you first!

IMG_1776  IMG_1777 IMG_1815 IMG_1806


IMG_1784 IMG_1781

Hannah Gray stood on the couch looking out the window with her binoculars watching the snow fall, just yelling, “no! no! yay!!”

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