Tuesday, November 16, 2010

“No purse doggie”

I think I mentioned in a previous post that Hannah Gray has been praying for “anuder big doggie” pretty much since the day we arrived in Seattle. Every time we pray, she throws in “anuder big doggie”. And last week, she added her own little twist to it. Ethan was doing bedtime with her in her room and I was putting away laundry in our bedroom which is right next door. I heard Ethan ask Hannah Gray, “what would you like to pray for tonight?". To which Hannah Gray responded, “anuder BIG doggie. NO pus doggie!” Ethan, not really knowing what she said asked her to repeat it and he figured out that “pus” is her “purse”. We both about died! She had been carrying around her two pursed all day and we had seen a couple little dogs in town including one that was hitching a rid in a bag. I think we must have referred to it as a purse doggie, and that’s what she remembered. Obviously, she felt the need to be very clear with God as to which kind of dog she wants. The girl knows what she wants!

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