Wednesday, October 20, 2010

5 years?!

On the 7th, Ethan and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary. 5 years?! Where has it gone? I cannot believe it’s been that long ago. It seems like it was not long ago when we were emailing between Colorado and Ohio, when Ethan was doing the 3 1/2 hour drive from Cleveland to Cincinnati to see me. And then the wedding planning and living in our little one bedroom carriage house, and our special trips skiing, to Kauai and Tofino. Not to mention that we have also had two sweet little girls in that time as well. We have been through a lot, 5 jobs and 3 out of state moves later. But it’s all been good. We are here 5 years later as different people, as a different couple, but just as crazy about each other as when we met at the bottom of the aisle. I look forward to seeing what the next 65 years bring for us.

Our first pic

where it all began back in Colorado Fall ‘04


Emily's Pictures 093_1 DSC_0044

Year 1

DSC_0170-2(rev 0)

In Tofino, right after year 2


One of the first family of 3 pictures


Move to Annapolis


4 year anniversary in Puerto Rico


HG making the announcement


Family of 4


HG meeting Tenley


  In WA

And believe or not, we didn’t get a 5 year picture… :(

I do have a picture from the day before our anniversary though. Shoot, I am super bummed. We did look cute going out  to dinner though :)


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