Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Jersey

New Jersey, what? Well, we have a lot going on here in the Petro household! Ethan has accepted a position with a company in New Jersey that we are very excited about. There is a ton of room for growth for him and they offered him partnership in the company. So we're very excited about the idea of him having some flexibility again and being able to just run with things. It all happened very fast (the company called him on a Tues, we drove up on Friday for Ethan to meet with them and by the next weekend-which was Memorial Day weekend- we were looking for housing). Ethan has actually been in contact with this company for close to 6 years and timing just never seemed to work out. And this time it finally did. Tuesday was Ethan's first day of work at Live Oak and so he's in New Jersey now while Hannah Gray and I are in Annapolis. We're not exactly sure when our moving date will be b/c we do not have a place to live yet. Obviously the sooner we find a house the better, so we're not doing this long distance long. It's an extremely family friendly community that is very close to the mountains (some of the best mountain biking out there is about 10-15 mintues away from where we're looking for housing). In fact, some of the neighborhoods we're looking in are in the "foothills". Foothills, but  not like Colorado foothills. It's very pretty and not at all what I expected from New Jersey. We're about an hour south of NYC and about 45 min away from the coast. However, from what I understand, Southe Jersey has some great beaches and those are about 1 1/2 hr away. So a perfect day trip. We're excited about this opportunity and all that it offers. We're praying for a solid church community and just the ability to get plugged in quickly. We will miss our friends here and the Annapolis waterfront environment. Nothing like riding bikes along the coast.... I LOVE that. So gorgeous. But we feel like this is where the Lord is leading us now and so we go! :)

Here are a couple pictures of Hannah Gray outside one house that we looked at and some of her having fun at the hotel. 

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Abby said...

How exciting! I hope you have a smooth transition!