Sunday, June 14, 2009


We ended up celebrating Hannah Gray's 1st bday in
Cincinnati so we'd be closer to family and the weekend worked out better since finding out about our move. I only have a couple pictures from the party, but I will post more later. However, I do have pictures of Hannah Gray's actual birthday. I got her out of her crib singing Happy Birthday, which she thought was pretty silly and fun. Here she is with her birthday balloon and at her lunch with all the cards that she received (she also began clapping, which you can also see in the pic. After lunch we headed up to New Jersey so we could celebrate her big day with Daddy. We went out to Red Robin for dinner where there were at least 6 other tables celebrating birthdays and each time, the whole staff (it seemed like) sang to them. Half way through dinner, Hannah Gray realized what was going and would dance and clap her hands in her high chair. I contemplated having them come to her (afterall, it was her actual bday), but I decided that that would probably permanently traumatize her and decided against it. :)

We then headed back to the hotel to enjoy a little birthday treat of chocolate chip muffins. Here she is with Daddy and her treat. Our wonderful neighbors across the street have been such a huge blessing to us, especially during this moving process. They watched Tanner (again) so that we could head to NJ and even gave Hannah Gray a birthday present which we gave her to open after she had her muffin. She LOVED the bubbles!!! I then had to make sure I got a picture with her too, and I can't believe how different she is compared to this time last year!! I think Hannah Gray's best gift was getting to see Daddy after several days of not seeing him. She lit up and was SO excited to see him!! She just squealed and laughed!! It was really, really sweet.

What a blessing and joy she is on our lives. She already has such a sweet, tender spirit and a great sense of adventure and humor. We have many, many more great times ahead! I can't believe my baby's one alreay...

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