Wednesday, June 3, 2009

dropping Daddy off...

Today we left Daddy behind in New Jersey... but thankfully
 we get to pick him back up on Friday afternoon, so just in a day and a half we'll all be back together again. Hannah Gray has been in the car SO much lately, that she's enjoying her freedom whenever she can. She discovered what toilet paper was at the hotel as well as figuring out how to make Daddy laugh to prolong going to bed! We put her pack 'n play on the far side of the hotel room and did bedtime. Then about 2 minutes later, up popped her head over the side. She looked so stinkin' cute doing it that I disappeared for a bit (usually if she can't see me, she'll go down). Well, Ethan came to me and said "too bad she's not supposed to be doing that, b/c it's so cute". So I looked down across the dark room and just saw two little eyeballs looking at us, then a HUGE grin and TONS of giggles as she knew Daddy was smiling. Then she heard Ethan chuckle and she really starting laughing. She thought it was HILARIOUS. It was very cute and then it was Daddy's turn to put her down. She does so well. The room was actually much darker than it looks in the picture, which I think made it funnier (i know it's not a word...), but you couldn't see her without the flash on.

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