Thursday, May 21, 2009


Wow, what a great day yesterday! This week is commencement week for the Naval Acadmey so there have been lots of fun events during the week. But probably the most anticipated event was the Blue Angels show over the Severn River (the Naval Academy is bordered on one side by this river and the bay on the other). We were invited to a picnic and told we would then go over to another house to watch the show. Hannah Gray and I went to the picnic hoping that Ethan would be able to join us for the show. Sure enough, just before the planes started, Ethan walked onto the lawn. I guess I should back up. Whenever we go across the bridge that goes over the Severn River, we comment on this beautiful house that has a HUGE open backyard that goes all the way to the edge of almost a cliff that overlooks the river. It's GORGEOUS. I had NO idea that this is the house where we'd get to watch the show! What a fun blessing it was to be invited by friends to join them. 

Then last night after dinner, we loaded everyone up and headed downtown for an evening stroll. There are sailboat races through the dock/harbor area on Wed nights so we figured we'd go check them out. It was a great night (and a strange one too- some randome foreign couple asked to get their picture taken with Tanner b/c he was the most beautiful dog they had ever seen. So I got Tanner situated by laying in front of them on the ground and started to walk away. Then they said "no, no, you in the picture too" in broken English. And they were leary of actually touching Tanner, but wanted to. So I think what REALLY happened was that they probably had an entirely different scenario going on in their language and then thought, "we'll trick that weird lady into getting a picture with us by saying we want a picture of her dog. Then we'll be able to show everyone as home this crazy girl..."). Anyway, such a fun day!

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