Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm crawling!

Well, kind of. Hannah Gray figured out how to kind of scoot this weekend. It loosely resembled the army crawl. But since then, she's really figured it out. She gets one arm tucked up underneath her and reaches as far as possibly can with the other hand. As she reaches, her hips scoot underneath her and she uses her toes to push her forward a little further. She's figured out how to go backwards (although this is frustrating to her, I'm not sure it's on purpose actually) when she's on the hardwood floors. But we're getting there! But she's ALL over the place. You can see it in her eyes when she notices something that she wants. She's already pulled some things off the lower shelf of my desk. Things are going to get interesting really quick here shortly.  

Here is a picture of her in her room today. She rolled all over the place (almost to each of the 4 walls), then somehow managed to wedge herself against the wall on one side and had her legs stuck up the side of the dresser, rendering her legs just about useless. She wasn't really sure what to do to get out, but while I ran to get the camera she had just about gotten herself "unstuck". Anyway, here's a picture of her getting herself out of the jam. 

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hawleykj said...

she is TOO cute with those pig tails! Adorable!