Wednesday, March 25, 2009

9 month check up!

Well, I took Hannah Gray to her new pediatrician's office yesterday. What a beautiful drive there; it was before 8, so the sun was still rising and we crossed over the South River while the sun was shining over the river and the bay on all the sailboats. I wanted to stop on the bridge and just sit for a minute to take it all in.

Anyway, Hannah Gray's appointment went well. She weighed in at 20 lbs and 11 oz (including a diaper too :) ) and was 28.5 inches long. That puts her in the 75th percentile. She's getting to be quite verbal and making new consonant noises all the time. The latest one are her "d's", so she doing plenty of "d,d, da,da" on top of many "ma, ma, ma". So far nothing is linked to them yet, but it's fun to hear her say those two in particular.

That's it for now!

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