Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hannah Gray's first hike!

On Saturday afternoon, we all (Tanner included) headed to Great Falls to hike around the Potomac. The hike was great; it included some pretty steep uphill, meandering trails around the river and even a bit of bouldering. Tanner LOVED it! He was totally in his element. In fact, when we were in obedience classes together before Gray's arrival, Tanner didn't even really care for jumping over the little fence thingies. Our instructors claimed that dogs loved doing jumps b/c that's what they were bred to do in the wild. Well, apparently our dog only goes for the real thing. He was hopping over fallen trees that were just below my waist and jumping over the rocks, climbing steep boulders that I wasn't even sure I could get up (I did have Hannah Gray on my back after all :) ). He even jumped in the water (we've had to entice him into the water and basically teach him how to swim). He was exhausted and actually slept on the way home. He actually put his head on Hannah Gray's lap in the car seat, fell fast asleep and let her just play with the ear and eyebrow she could reach. The two of them are going to be inseparable I think. 

Then today (Sunday), we packed up the crew again (sans Tanner this time) and headed to the Baltimore- Annapolis trail. The trail actually connects the two cities and is very much like the Loveland bike trail for those of you from Cincinnati. We did about 16 miles and Hannah Gray loved it! She fell sleep and took a decent nap then woke up and literally talked/sang to Daddy (who was pulling her) for just about half of the trip. The sunshine, activity and nature were so good for all of us this weekend. 

I don't have pictures from the bike ride, but I do from the hike. The one where she's looking over my shoulder is actually her cracking up at Daddy as he would make her feel like he was chasing her. She LOVES her Daddy and all his silliness!!! And she enjoyed her first car picnic as well. She's such an easy going/flexible baby!

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