Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful Day in Naptown

This weekend, the weather was gorgeous! Annie, Ethan, Hannah Gray and I went to Georgetown for the day. We enjoyed lunch outside, then we toured the streets. What a perfect day for it too. We hit REI on the way home, grilled out, then finished the night with a fire and s'mores. Can't get much better than that. What a great night to end a great visit with Annie on. Sunday, Ethan and I took Tanner and Hannah Gray down to the dog beach so Tanner could continue practicing his stroke. He did really well until his toy went out beyond the breaker made of stones. He climbed up on the stones then stepped off and realized he couldn't touch anymore. You could see the panic in his eyes. He immediately turned around and swam faster than I've ever seen him before. He was done after that, but he did so well!!

We found a couple cool things at REI and one of them was this adorable hat for Hannah Gray. We couldn't pass it up. We decided to make it an early bday present- she won't know the differene, right? And she can use it now... :)


Jaclyn said...

joni where is your stroller from?

ethan said...

it's called a Chariot stroller and we ordered ours from Backcountry, but you can get them at REI too or on ebay. it's the BEST, we love it! We just got the bike attachment for it and it's way fun.