Sunday, June 20, 2010

Like Family

On Friday, we loaded up and headed to Annapolis to visit our sweet friends Heather and Josh and their two boys, Finlay and Laird. We’ve been within an easy drive of them since we moved to Westfield, so we wanted to take one last advantage of the drive before we moved. It was such a sweet, refreshing time with some incredible friends. We are so blessed to have met them and it was not a good-bye but rather we’ll see you soon. We had been on more of a 6 month rotation since we moved, seeing them over the summer and then again at Christmas. So that’s how we left it, see you at Christmas.

We had a great, hot day in beautiful Annapolis where we walked around downtown (reunited with a college friend- what a CRAZY story and one that I’ll write about later), had amazing crepes for lunch, ice cream, watched across the country bikers finish their trek by jumping in the harbor and then headed home where the kids ran around playing like brother/sister in the sprinkler, had a great dinner, toast, and a surprise little bday party for Hannah Gray. Heather made delicious cupcakes decorated with cute little flowers for our little girl, balloons and a couple gifts that Hannah Gray was more than excited about- perfect for our long car ride!

We will miss these friends more than words can express, but as I said, it’s not good-bye, but see you soon!

P6190020 P6190025

Ethan with the sleeping babies, Laird and Tenley


Those of us that were awake ;) . (Hannah Gray is eyeing my “eyes” in this picture. In the picture that followed, she’s got a firm grip on them smiling)

Watching Josh while we were signing Happy Birthday- she felt so special!



Tenley was wiped out.

We actually didn’t get many photos because Josh and Heather are such great photographers, we let them take the shots and we got some video… I will post more pics of all the kids later. The kids crashed in their strollers walking around and then they were running around having an absolute ball that it was actually more difficult to get some pictures! :) So fun!

Here’s a video of a game Finlay and HG were playing. Typical boy chase girl, girl runs away… pretty funny :)


Heather Manifold said...

I adore that picture of Tenley! Such a sack of potatoes!
LOVE watching Finlay & HG have so much fun together!
It was a hot day, indeed!
And of course, we just loved seeing you, being with you, and saying "see you soon!" :)

Sus said...

joni! hey girl, i am following you now too :) glad you guys had such a fun day in annapolis with j&h. It looked like the paparazzi in that house in the video- josh on the flip, you video taping- haha! Good luck with your upcoming move! (Susan Kehoe)