Friday, June 11, 2010

Hannah Gray is 2!


P6110061(rev 0) actual birth day

dsc_0397-4(rev 0) img_0649-3(rev 0) dsc_0403-4(rev 0) 1st bday

IMG_0939 2 yrs!!

Wow, where have the last 2 years gone?? Seems like yesterday I was holding this tiny little 6 lb, 12 oz baby with a black hairline to her eyebrows. And now I watch her hold her baby sister, put her own shoes on and she can carry on a conversation (somewhat) with me! She’s changed so much. I think one of my favorite parts about watching my kids grow is that changing face silhouette. As the newborn starts to fill out, the cheeks grow and the nose is only this little bump. Then the infant to toddler stage, those huge round cheeks and the neck begins to appear. Now, she’s entering into her “big kid” stage and loosing those big  cheeks and baby rolls. I don’t think I ever really understood how fast it does go by.

So what is she up to now that’s she 2? This morning, she loved the puppy pancakes to begin the celebrating!

She began to really parrot us back in February, and we began to really understand her beyond her sign language.

She still LOVES her dogs/puppies but is now really into “choo choo’s” as she hears them at the train station.

She loves animals and especially barn animals (hence chick, duck, cow and pig cupcakes for dessert tonight).

She’s beginning to combine words and uses her manners (she, completely on her own, said “cuse me” to a somewhat rude little girl blocking the stairs to the playground. I about melted! :) ).

LOVES to hold Tenley and can get me burp cloths, diapers and a change of clothes for Tenley.

Is  just about ready to be potty trained.

New favorite phrase- “ready…set… GO!!!!” (or “one, two, THREE!!!”)

Favorite character/show- Curious George (“gee”) and Elmo (“melmo”)

LOVES to swing (“wee”) and go down the slide" (“lide”) at the playground.

LOVES water, no matter how cold it is.

But most of all, I can see this extremely sensitive and sweet spirit rising out of a  little girl that has no fear with a huge sense of adventure. We pray that God uses these qualities to serve Him in big ways and that she would always hear Him as He whispers “this way…”. I love to hear her ask for her “ible” (Bible) every night and pray that she always drink deeply.

I will post more of the 2nd bday pics as we celebrate tonight!

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