Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Wow, Sunday was my first "official" Mother's Day! Seems so weird, b/c in my mind, it will always be a day for our moms, not me.

Well, this weekend we made a trip to Cincinnati to see my lacrosse team play Upper Arlington (fierce rivalry here), take family photos and to celebrate Mother's Day. First, Sycamore crushes, absolutely crushed UA (doubling the score at 11-5). Which was huge b/c it made the team undefeated going into the state tourney and this is also the team we lost state to last season. So fun to be back with the team that supported us so much and to actually have Hannah Gray there rather than me being pregnant. I wish I had a picture of us on the field together...

Family photos went well and the Nature Center was absolutely beautiful! There was a wedding going on there and I don't think the bride was very happy that there was a rather large family
trying to get family photos done. Oh well. I will post some once we get them back.
Sunday, the whole crew went to church (SO good to be back at our home church. Couldn't have asked for a more pertinent and penetrating message for where Ethan and I are at right now) and then headed to the park for a picnic. These are the pictures I have from the weekend and so far I don't even have a picture of our family or me and Hannah Gray on my first mother's day!!!! I swear there were some taken, so I just need to track them down. I will be heartbroken if they don't actually exist. Not sure if you can see, but in the picture of Hannah Gray in her car mirror, her hand is behind her head, sleeping. She was exhausted from a fun weekend! As was Tanner, as he enjoyed his head rest. Right before I took that picture, he had his head right where Hannah Gray could reach him to pet/play with his ear. So sweet!

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