Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sutton pics

We were thrilled while our photographers were here to photograph Sutton’s newborn pictures but we were so surprised when we got them back. There are some definite keepers but we missed some of the more “traditional” but super sweet photos of daddy’s hands holding little feet, or close ups of a little newborn face and we didn’t get any sweet mommy and daddy photos. We just expected a natural background (blurred out background of a room in our home, bed, etc) instead of a bright turquoise backdrop. I like turquoise, don’t get me wrong, but every single family photo shoot we have done has been outside or the “props” used in a home were in the background and not a literal backdrop. The photographers have been graciously working with us to edit and photoshop to see what we can come up with, but it left me wanting some more pictures of Sutton. It’s sad b/c even just a couple weeks later that brand new baby look was gone, but I did get a few pictures that I liked a little bit. It’s so hard because you get an idea of what you want in your head, but getting that in the frame is such a different story. Even just a couple weeks later, she already lost her neck to some rolls and was too alert to get sleepy pictures. Nonetheless, I am thankful for the great ones we did get from our photographer and plenty to put in her scrapbook and for us to frame.


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