Wednesday, July 31, 2013

4th of July

I know, I am so far behind on posting pictures, don’t judge. Smile We got to celebrate with our dear friends by going to a local parade and then grilling out for dinner. All the kids were so sweet at the parade especially the oldest 3. They were all grabbing candy, then handing most of their loot each time to Tenley to make sure she was getting some. Turns out she was graciously accepting all their generosity and her pockets were STUFFED. She came up to me (the adults were back away from the curb) and wanted to be held. I explained that if she wanted to get candy, she had to sit on the curb b/c that was the best spot. She looked at me and said, “it’s okay momma, Hannah Gray will get some for me”. She is so right, Hannah Gray would gladly do anything to help her out.

All the kids got to do sparklers for the first time and that was really fun, although they are definitely making the burning part of the stick SO much shorter. It’s probably safer that way


We had such a fun day with friends!

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