Thursday, December 6, 2012

welcome Christmas season!!

The day after Thanksgiving we headed up to the Resort at Squaw Creek for their annual Winter Wonderland festivities. We went last year and had a great time so we decided to head back and stay for the night. We started the night off by welcoming Santa and Ms. Claus arrive on a fire truck, then headed to go meet him in person. Tenley did exactly what Hannah Gray did last year… waited excitedly and then started to freak out when it was her turn. Hannah Gray hoped right up on Santa’s lap this year so Ms. Claus held Tenley just like she did for Hannah Gray last year. Tenley did speak to Santa and told him she wanted “lip balm and nail polish” for Christmas. Hannah Gray will rotate providing a few different items off a list of several, so I am not sure which ones she gave him. Then we headed outside for a sleigh ride drawn by a beautiful Clydesdale horse. We ended our night with a quick visit to the gingerbread visit and then out to the ice skating rink where we kept our princesses out WAY past their bedtime. I think we had them out on the ice until they closed at 10. Hannah Gray recently fell in love with ice skating in San Francisco so she was super excited to go out again and do it on her own. Tenley couldn’t get out on the ice fast enough and would “skate” for 5 minutes or so, then want to sit and play in all the “sand” or the ice shavings that had built up. She loved it, even in her helmet that wouldn’t stay above her eyes.

The next day, we had a slow and easy morning and headed down for breakfast and as we were being seated, we walked right past Santa!!! Apparently, he had spent the night as well and we had no idea he would be there. The girls walked by in astounded star-struck trance and giggled about seeing him again as we sat down. When they looked up they saw that Santa was coming their way!!! He sat with us at our table for several minutes and remember seeing the girls the night before and remembered what Hannah Gray had asked for. The girls we beyond ecstatic!!! What a perfect surprise for all of us! Then to cap off a great two days, we headed outside to swim in the beautiful, crisp morning with perfectly blue skies in a very comfortably warm pool. It was fantastic! We had a great time and had some super fun pics from the weekend.



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