Monday, December 17, 2012

Tenley’s First Ski!

On Saturday, we headed up to Squaw Valley to get Hannah Gray on her skis and asked Tenley if she wanted to try. She was very excited and talked about it the whole way up to Tahoe. We let Hannah Gray go first as Tenley watched from the bottom and made “sand castles” out of the loose snow by the magic carpet. Then it was her turn! She belly laughed the whole way down and wanted to go faster. I held onto her coat by the nape of her neck and ran down the hill with her. Definitely not the best way to do it. We saw another dad teaching his young kids and he had a long pvc pole that they could hang onto, like a boom for water skiing. It was brilliant. We will definitely try this next time!

Hannah Gray retained a lot from last season and enjoyed it just as much as ever, maybe even more as she stayed out for most of the afternoon. Yay for little skiers!!

tenley's first ski trip

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