Monday, October 22, 2012

bye-bye binkies!


I did not have a chance to post this, but last weekend Tenley decided to say bye-bye to her binkies. I was in her room getting her dressed after a pre-dinner bath and she said she wanted another tutu. I told her that when she decided to say good bye to her binkies that Daddy would take her out to buy a tutu with her binkies. She said, “I go do that now. Daddy take me to go get another tutu now”. I wanted to make sure she understood what she was saying and explained that they would be gone forever and she would give them to the cashier at the store. She said “yes, I want to do that now” and called for Ethan to leave. So off they went! He took her to Kohl’s where she picked out a deep, hot pink tutu and she ran back into the house, tutu in hand beaming. That is until Tuk, who ran to greet her, ever so gently and discreetly snagged the tutu out of her hand and took off with it. Party foul.

So just over a week later, how are we doing? I told Ethan we will find out if Tenley is really that great of a sleeper of if she’s just content to lay there because of her binkies. We found out it’s the second option. We actually have to work it a bit at bedtime and she now gives us all the excuses, “my feet cold, my arms cold (as she pulls her arms out of her nigh-night), I need a drink, I give you a kiss, I give you a hug” and how can you say no to the last two?

Now she is yelling from her bedroom calling for Tuk to come save her “Tuk!! TUK TUK!!” and now it’s become “OH YEA!! OH YEA!” like she’s singing… oh my. She has just all of a sudden become a full blown, active, busy toddler. I am a busy momma right now.

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