Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nana’s visit

I was just going through some pictures and realized that somehow these pictures didn’t make it onto the blog. Not sure how, that just seems wrong! Nana was here over the 4th of July and stayed just about a week. We enjoyed the fireworks up at Lake Tahoe and then had a great weekend with Annie.
We joked that Tenley looked like our compassion child here- she was covered in soot from the sand hand to toe. The water was freezing, but Ethan being the good daddy that he is, braved the water for his little girl.
It cooled off quickly so we settled into warmer clothes, had a picnic dinner and relaxed as dusk began to settle in.
Isn’t this a great picture of Ethan??

It was so not crowded! We are used to braving huge crowds wherever there are fireworks and we had our own complete space with a sun tent, a pop up tent and chairs. We didn’t have any “neighbors” for probably 20 feet on either side of us and an unobstructed view of the water and fireworks. It was perfect!
Mid-flight action shot
Yay for water balloon fights!!!


M. Flynn said...

Hi Joni! So glad I found your blog! It was so nice to meet you this weekend--you and your family are wonderful!

joni said...

Megan, it was so great to meet you! What a fun weekend we all had in MT! Hope to see you again and thanks for all your help with the girls and for the pictures!! I had forgotten how to check comments on our family blog, so I am just now seeing it. We check our paleo one pretty regularly, so sorry about that!