Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun in Montana!

We just got back tonight from a wonderful weekend of celebrating dear friends’ wedding in Kalispell, MT. The girls were flower girls and Ethan and I both had the privilege of reading Scripture in the wedding as well. The girls felt like absolute princesses and loved every minute of it. Hannah Gray got a little overwhelmed and just tired by the time the party started at the reception, but got a second wind and finished hard. But Tenley on the other hand, I don’t think she ever left the dance floor, at least by her own will! She danced and she danced. Then the bridesmaids danced with her and then the bride and groom danced with her and then she honed in on finding bridesmaids since the bride was dancing with the groom and then hunted down the bride and groom again and then the bridesmaids again… she was wearing me out! Finally, I nabbed her and she immediately put her head down on my shoulder and I motioned to Ethan that I thought it was our time to start out goodbyes. So we did that, walked back to our table where I put her down to gather our things, and in 20 seconds, she was back out on the dance floor with the bridesmaids. It was hilarious. So we had a few more songs of family dancing and then finally got our two princesses home for their beauty rest. Tenley woke up with sleepy eyes that were there until at least lunch time and a hoarse voice like her momma gets when she’s had so much fun. Hannah Gray woke up saying her “feet hurt”. What an amazing night of family fun! Congratulations to Mark and Ashley and thanks so much for making us a part of your special day!


Getting ready with the bride and bridesmaids!




We were crossing our fingers all would be okay because both girls were up late the night before at rehearsal, and then didn’t nap the day of the wedding. Thankfully, they both slept in until 10:30 the day of the wedding!! Unfortunately, it put us a bit behind schedule but so thankful that they did sleep to get ready for the big day. All that to say, we defaulted to silly faces several times to lighten the mood and give them a break. However, in the bridal picture above, they took the liberty to do a silly face when the photographer was ready and ended up in an entire bridal party silly picture. Most of the guys had no idea what a “silly face” was, so the girls enjoyed teaching them what silly faces were. Everyone was so great with the girls, what a great weekend!


And here some some candid dancing pictures. Did I mention that it seemed like everyone there knew how to actually dance?! The dj put on regular hip hop music and no one danced. He turned on some great country music and the floor flooded with people of all ages and everyone rocked out like I have never seen.


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