Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7 days in a row!!

For those of you we have talked to lately, you know we have been struggling with bedtime a lot with Hannah Gray. She can't seem to slow down her mind to go to sleep and then that coupled with a strong willed mess that competes a donkey, its made for some very exhausting and ling nights. Since HG and I are so similar, our personalities can clash and we are at a point where we all need some successes. So we decided to provides some incentives and then gradually work away from them. So last night we celebrated 7 nights in a row of going to bed without screaming, calling for us or getting out of bed. So we went and picked out a beta. Tenley got to participate too, so she got one as well, which was beyond easy as she still has never even attempted to climb out of bed. You say goodnight to her and its like it's a magic word that drops a spell of deep sleep over her. Her challenge will soon turn to potty training... here ate the girls with their new pets

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