Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week with Mimi and Grandpa

My parents came out two weekends ago to spend a week with us that included Tenley- gir’s first bday, her party and Easter. What a great week it was! We did so many fun things around the city. We did the duck tour (with the quacking and all), Deception’s Pass, my parents did Woodinville’s wine tastings, Ethan and Dad did Boeing’s factory tour, we ate at some AMAZING restaurants, celebrated Good Friday and then Easter at Quest field. We had such a great time with them and they were both a tremendous help in getting ready for the party. The flew in in time to even take the girls for the first weekend of their trip so that Ethan and I could attend the Weekend to Remember put on by Family Life Ministries. What an amazing weekend that was and we would both HIGHLY recommend it to anyone interested (of even if you weren’t, we’d still recommend it ;) ).

Here are some pictures of the week…

IMG_0147 IMG_0145






All of the above are from our afternoon at Deception’s pass.


Picture with Mom and Dad and the girls on Tenley’s birthday


Excited to go to the beach near our house


The view of the Olympic Mountains from the beach

IMG_0420 IMG_0430 IMG_0437

Tenley didn’t like this so much…


Okay, this is actually a funny story. I had a Teddy Ruxman growing up that I LOVED! I was pretty devastated by his demise when he was vandalized at my brother’s school where he was being used for an art project. So 20 years later, my mom found one and surprised me with it when they visited! Here is Hannah Gray checking him out.


the girls playing at home



Mom at the original Starbucks at Pike’s Place. We spent a good bit of time getting yummy food and beautiful flowers at Pike’s.


Tenley’s bday morning


“wiggle-waggle!!” as she wagged her pigtails



At Pike’s Place with the “cary balloon man”, but she loves the balloon animals nonetheless.


Contributing to the gum wall in Pike’s Place.

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