Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tenley turns 1!!!

I can hardly believe my baby is one already! This year has gone by so fast, I can’t even begin to express it. I have heard that’s usually the case with life after the first child. However, I think throwing in a cross country move and Ethan being gone so much definitely added to it. It seems like by the time we settled in here (T celebrated her 3rd month bday the week we arrived), she was 6 months old already.

Many of you that read our blog don’t get to encounter Tenley on a daily or regular basis, so I thought I’d share some things about our sweet girl.

She’s an absolute joy. There’s just this spirit of sweet joy and innocence. I am not kidding when I say I received my first responsive smile from her when she was three weeks old and she hasn’t stopped since. She’s quick to engage with just about anyone that will catch her eye. Her giggles come easily and her smile draws you in through her eyes as her “words” melt your heart.

She’s patient. Period. She will sit quietly and contentedly until she’s decided that she’s had enough. Then she will make herself heard.

She’s probably the most laid back, easy going little kid. She just began army crawling around her 11 month bday. I was getting a little anxious for her to begin, but it’s in classic Tenley style. She rolled over later than her sister at 5 months old, as though she proved to all of us she could, but just didn’t really care to. She was quite content to sit and observe on her own. Her crawling came in the same fashion. She’s curious and gentle and so far most responsive to the gentle “no’s” of mom and dad.

She ADORES her older sister. The two of them have an incredible relationship and I pray that it continues this way forever. Hannah Gray was smitten with her from the first moment they met and it’s been that way ever since. Tenley looks at Hannah Gray with only the fondest of eyes.  It melts me to hear them interact and laugh with each other. They have a special relationship already and we are so thankful for it.

We are so thankful for our precious little girl and that we have already been able to treasure her for this first year. We look forward to many, many more and pray many blessings upon our littlest one!




Series of 1 year pictures






sister love


wearing her present from Mommy and Daddy




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