Tuesday, March 8, 2011

what a day!

Last week, as we were leaving the hospital from getting Hannah Gray's arm casted, I realized I had a flat tire. Not just a leaky flat tire, but the kind where I looked around to find a punk with a knife type of flat tire. After a failed attempt by a nice man and his teenage son to help me (and I had also tried to change it at this point and realized that the thing (yes, thing) I needed to get the lug nuts off was the wrong size- I didn't have the right tool in my car). So the security guy came after about 45 minutes of trying. He was able to get the lug nuts off only to find that the tire had oxidized onto the wheel and he couldn't get it to budge. So I had to wait on a tow truck and by this point, Hannah Gray has been in her car seat for about 2 hours. I was rummaging through the car to try and find food as I was planning on being home by noon (which I would have been). I found some trail mix in the stroller from our previous weekend snowshoeing and there were even M&M's in it! Score! Here is a video of her talking about M&M's, it's so fun to hear her say it... She was such as a trooper as we then had a problem with the stem leaking air on the spare tire! It was quite a day!!!!!

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