Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our month of July as a family of five!


July was a busy month for us! We began to venture out for scheduled events like swim lessons. I was nervous about getting to a 10:00 class on time, but we did it!


Tenley got to go to a friend’s 3rd bday party and really enjoyed the pony ride. She wasn’t expecting to ride a running pony, but she liked it, but only enough for 1 time through…


Sutton hanging out with Daddy. We have this same picture with each of the girls (albeit in Cincinnati, New Jersey and now Seattle).


Hannah Gray got to learn about soccer, basketball and baseball at a sports camp that she did with a couple friends. She had such a great time, although after the first day she said, “my favorite was soccer and I liked basketball too, but baseball was boring”. Can’t say that I am surprised! Smile By the end of the week, she really did enjoy baseball as well.


She got a merit certificate at a little “awards” ceremony


Somehow I don’t have a picture (just a video), but Hannah Gray got a new BIG kid bike- a bike with big tires and her tippy toes barely reach the ground. But she can start and stop all on her own and she can fly! Not going to lie, in our hilly beachy type of neighborhood, it makes me nervous about how fast she gets going!! I am totally that mom now. So now we have Tenley learning to ride Hannah Gray’s old bike and this was her first time on it.


We have been working on our summer bucket list and here are two items crossed off, actually three. Swimming at a lake and eating a treat from an ice cream truck (above post swim, with treat in hand) and then an outdoor movie. We watched “Finding Nemo” out in the park and ended up all snuggled up under blankets. We forgot how late dusk is here in Seattle, so the movie didn’t really start until close to 10!!!


What a fun month as a family of five!

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