Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Tenley-Girl (a little late!)

We moved into our house on Friday, April 12th and were still in the midst of boxes by Tenley’s bday on the 20th. My mom (Mimi) was in town until just a few days before THE day, so we celebrated with some Trader Joe’s gluten free cupcakes and of course, Miss Nae and Miss Kevin (as the girls say). So fun to have them here and to be able to host them locally! Tenley absolutely ate up ALL of the bday attention and in a most sincere, sweet and humble way, asked for more! She loved it when everyone sang to her and watched her. She loved the birthday banner (that hung up even for a few days past her real bday). She asked everyday if we would sing to her. It was hilarious and so sweet. I think she would have preferred a blinking sign pointing to the birthday girl, but there is always next year.

On her actual birthday, we all took a break from unpacking and this time Mary Claire (Nana) was with us so we all took a trip to the zoo to celebrate. The rain held off and we got to see some favorite animals and it was super fun to be back at a cool zoo. Then we ate her requested birthday cake and ice cream with just a couple dear friends back at our house. It was a good day.

Tenley-girl, you are a bundle of joy and hilarity. You make a room light up and can entertain a crowd. Yet you are so warm and personable and so genuinely sweet that you can make steel melt. We pray that your ability to warm up to people and make others feel so loved will be a way that Jesus shines through you.

Some of your favorite things right now are:

-to sing and dance. You love VBS songs, “do-do” which is somehow what you have always referred to Veggies Tales as. But you do love to “Shake your booty” to “Call Me Maybe” (or “call me baby” as you say), “sick song” aka Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”, “Your Momma Don’t know, Your Momma Don’t know” by Taywore Swift and “Always a Good Day”. Your ability to sing on key and in tune amazes me

- You LOVE your baby!!!! Your favorites are your baby Joseph dolls which are most definitely little girls…

-You are so excited for your baby sister or brother to arrive you can’t stand it

-You freak out and cry at the site of your own blood. Don’t worry, we will work on that.

-You LOVE anything pink, purple or sparkly

-Right now at bed time, we always sing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and we have to add “pink and purple” in to the list of colors

-You are a momma’s girl. You adore your daddy, but you koala to mommy’s side

-You love to cook in your own kitchen or right by mommy’s side

-You are a snuggler!!! And I will take that any day!

-You adore your sister and she adores your. You two are the best of friends and mommy and daddy pray that it’s always that way.

-You are loved more than you can ever imagine, by your family and by Jesus. We pray that you realize this at an early age!




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