Tuesday, February 19, 2013

random catch up pics from January

I have been behind lately as it’s been hard for me to get the videos and pictures off my iphone. I think I have the kinks worked out now, if only Blogger would allow me to post videos from my iphone… ugh. January was a fun month and here are some catch up pictures.


Hannah Gray dressed herself, HG passed out on the way home from a morning of skiing at Tahoe and Tenley’s “flower”


The girls at the ultrasound watching the baby, the girls with Tuk while he still had all his toes and Daddy picked

the girls up and gave them each a turn to drive! Smile


On the chair lift with Daddy for the first time, Tenley figured out her strider bike!! And me at 22 or so weeks pregnant.


The girls at Krispie Kreme for Hannah Gray’s preschool field trip. They even got to make those doughnuts! Tenley making her babies “snuggle with TukTuk”.


The girls snuggling watching some PBS on my ipad and our friends Renee and Kevin came to visit from Seattle! So fun!!


We have been taking videos of Tenley’s stories, which she is notorious for. Ethan is working on getting all of those in one spot, I think like a YouTube channel. I will keep you posted on it!

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