Monday, November 12, 2012

Truckee, Monterey, Roseville and San Francisco...

My parents were in town this last week and we saw most major attractions in NorCA. They arrived Sat afternoon and on Sunday we headed up to explore Truckee and enjoy the weather. Monday, we headed to Monterey to see the aquarium and Carmel. We returned Tuesday and stayed in Riseville until Friday when we joined my dad in San Francisco (he had a conference to go to while we were back home). Our time in San Francisco included Hannah Gray ice skating for the first time at Union Square, "modeling" at Saks, a break in into our car, a ferry ride to Saulsilito, and HG doing the big trampoline jump where she's in a harness. She figured it out right away and amazed everyone with flip after flip after flip. The Jr high girls before her couldn't do it so the workers let Hannah Gray keep going once she figured it out. It was hilarious, she was so proud of herself.  We left after getting our car fixed to come home late Sat night. We had a great time and I will post more pictures soon. My camera was being repaired so our pics are scattered between cell phones.

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After ice skating! 

 Waiting in line to do her bungee trampoline jump

killing it. this is before all the consecutive flips started


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